Wonderful Budapest

Wonderful Budapest
ISBN: 9789616882491
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The Hungarian capital is visited by millions of tourists every year. Yet, few
of them know when Budapest celebrates its birthday and why there are no
skyscrapers in the city.
Or why the Fisherman's Bastion has seven towers, which are the UNESCO World
Heritage Sites, and where Rubik's cube comes from.
We learn that Budapest is the thermal capital of the world and what the legend
of the king Matthias is about.
All that and more can be found in the book Wonderful Budapest, a picturesque
family guide to one of the most magnificent cities in the heart of Europe.
WONDERFUL BUDAPEST is a guidebook for families, describing not only the
main attractions and secrets of the Hungarian capital, but also the history and
culture of Hungary. It contains a map with the main sights and some basic
expressions in Hungarian.
The book is for everyone who is going to visit Budapest for the first time and
also for those who have been there already.

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